10th Nuremberg KAWECO Penshow 2017

Let’s look back!

In wonderful stock exchange weather, many collectors, dealers and writing
fountain pen enthusiasts came to the annual fountain pen exchange. The "Kaweco and the Gutberlet team took place for the 10th time.

The anniversary event was heavily advertised in advance. In addition to a half-page ad in the Nuremberg daily newspapers, it was advertised in the "Trödler" and the "Sammler-Journal". In addition, several trade journals in Germany and abroad reported on the event in advance.
The date was also spread via Facebook and other social media services.

The organizers took this anniversary as an opportunity to put on a special supporting program. Accompanying the 45 exhibitors at their sales booths, the illustrator Wolfgang Friesslich and the quick-draw artist Alfred Schüssel showed their skills.
Those who wanted to improve their calligraphy skills or take a first taster course in this field
could get some guidance at another booth. A computer provided a handwriting analysis after you had signed your name.
signature. Those who wanted to could also have their hand read by the computer.

The 145 visitors were thoroughly enthusiastic about the event, which was held on two levels in the Tafelhalle this time (coffee and theater) due to the great response.

Kaweco also surprised with the campaign "Build your own Kaweco fountain pen".
In return for a donation, visitors were able to put together the fountain pen of their choice from the Kaweco sports series and assemble it themselves using hand lever presses.
Kaweco supports the campaign "Jugend trainert für Olympia" (Youth trains for the Olympics), a national competition for schools, with the proceeds of the donation.

The 45 exhibitors showed an extensive range of old and new writing instruments. As always, the high-quality range ensured brisk trading activity.

The Trempelmarkt, which took place at the same time, was an additional attraction especially for out-of-town visitors. Just as at the bourse on Saturday, the hunting fever quickly awoke here, too, and had the sworn collectors already browsing through the stalls on the main square the evening before.
the evening before through the stalls at the main market: As always in search of
the ONE really sensational Scnhäppchen...

Michael Gutberlet