9th Nuremberg KAWECO Pen Show 2016

Let’s look back!

This year’s Nuremberg pen show turned out to be a very successful event. We got lots of positive feedback and all exhibitors and visitors had a great time.

As usual, there was a meeting for the exhibitors on the eve of the show, were possible sales are often already discussed. 24 pen specialists met at the Barfüsser restaurant in Nuremberg on Friday evening and participated in many exciting discussions about the world of pens.

There were 42 exhibitors from more than 10 countries at this years Pen Show on Saturday, with well-stocked and organized tables. Beside the German exhibitors, there were also exhibitors from Japan, Switzerland, Austria, France, England, USA, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain present. So our many knowledgeable visitors got their money’s worth: Pens and accessories between 10€ and 20.000€ changed hands. There were also very rare pens on display, made by Montblanc, Kaweco, Visconti, Faber Castell and many more. The hand-crafted pens by a wood worker were a special treat. In summary there were beautiful collector’s items, rare limited editions, special inks and accessories and the nice sunny weather also helped to make the 9th pen show in Nuremberg a great success.

Next year will be the 10th year anniversary of the Nuremberg pen show and we are planning a couple of surprises sponsored by Kaweco. STAY TUNED!